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December 10, 2010
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I watched the stars as they shimmered like the snow that I stood upon. The moon was as full and bright as ever. There were no clouds tonight. This night was too beautiful, and clouds would not ruin it.

I looked down and sighed. Where could he be?

Suddenly, I heard the flapping of wings, and I looked back up and saw a dark figure against the moon, wings spread out from its back.
"He's here!" I thought joyfully to myself.

Landing in front of me was a man. He wore a black jacket and baggy jeans. He wore black boots, and had nicely cut black hair. White wings spread out from his back.

This man was my father. His name was Criss.

"Dad!" I said happily.

"Jasmine!" Criss replied as we embraced each other in a hug, and he kissed the top of my head.

As he let go, Criss' gaze turned from relief to worry. "Come on. We have to go before the Vulgar arrives."

I nodded in agreement. Then I closed my eyes as I felt wings spread out from my back.

Criss took my hand, and we stared up at the sky. We crouched down, ready to fly.

But then there was a growl.

We stood back up and swung around, fear striking us in our very souls.

It was Vulgar, his dark gray wings spread out from his back.

"Going somewhere?" Vulgar hissed.

Criss stood in front of me and growled, his fangs flasing. I began to back away, hissing, crouching, feeling my fangs slide out from my gums, ready to leap on Vulgar if he came for me.

"Tsk, tsk. It's a shame, really. You would have made an excellent Diablo."  Vulgar addressed me.

"She wouldn't  be a Diablo if her life depended on it!" Criss snapped.

"Now, now, brother. Let the girl speak for herself." Vulgar said.

I growled, "My dad pretty much said it all for me, you no-good creep!"

Vulgar began to crouch, and so did Criss.

Suddenly, they leaped at each other, fangs flashing.

I watched in horror as my dad fought for his life, biting and kicking and hitting.

Before I knew it, Criss screamed. Vulgar had him pinned to the snow-covered ground, his fangs sinking deep in Criss's shoulder. Then he punched him right in the face, and Criss went unconscious.

I could no longer stand here and watch my father get killed.

"Get off him!" I screeched, and leaped at Vulgar, knocking him over. I pinned him to the ground, my fangs flashing. I hissed, and began to scratch his face.

I was about to strike again, but Vulgar had grabbed my neck. He rolled over, now pinning me.

"You ignorant brat!" Vulgar hissed, squeezing my neck harder.

I gasped for air, my eyes wide with terror.

He then released his grip and got off, letting me to cough and gasp for air. I could hear Vulgar laughing as I tried to crawl to my father, who was now starting to wake up. But Vulgar had stomped right on my left leg, and I could feel a sharp snap. I screamed in pain.

Vulgar then clutched my other leg and dragged me back. Then he dug his claw-like nails deep in my back and dragged them diagonally. I screamed again, feeling warm blood seep from the wounds.

Vulgar them flipped me over, and scratched my face. I could feel trickles of blood go down my cheek.

Vulgar flipped me over again, and clutched my right wing. I could hear him laugh before he sunk his fangs deep into my wing. I screamed.

Vulgar then flipped me over again, and then did the same thing he did to my back, only this time, across my stomach. It burned like fire, and I screamed so loud that it made my throat sore.

He then got up, smiled, spread his dark wings from his back and flew away.

"JASMINE!!!" Criss screamed, and I could hear him running towards me. He crouched next to me, trying to stop the bleeding in my stomach. "Oh God, Jasmine, no! Please don't go!" Criss was now crying. "JASMINE!!!"

The last thing I felt was my dad trying to stop the blood that was seeping out from my stomach and my wings vanish from my back, and the last thing I saw was my dad's face before everything went black.
This is just something that I made after reading chapter five of :iconcaliforniahunt24: fanfiction, "Ultimate Illusion."

This will not be an offical fanfic. I just wanted to write something where Criss was a father. BUT I might continue this.

Jasmine (C) me

Criss (C) Criss Angel
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CaliforniaHunt24 Dec 13, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
:shocked: wow......
NightKyoBlack Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah.
CaliforniaHunt24 Dec 13, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
is there going to be more?
NightKyoBlack Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
there will be a second part, but that'll be it. i'll start working on the second part soon, so don't worry! ;)
CaliforniaHunt24 Dec 13, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
yayz!!! XD btw what's with the fangs on Criss?
NightKyoBlack Dec 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
ok, well, here's why:

I am trying to write a book called Keys: Doors to the Magic Realm, and a main character in the story is based off of Criss. The character has fangs and wings, and has an evil twin brother named Vulgar (who guest-stars in this!) So, I figured that I would try to mix my character (who is named Luke Edwards) and Criss, thus explaining the fangs (and wings).
CaliforniaHunt24 Dec 13, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
oh ok, gottcha! thanks for clearing that up!
NightKyoBlack Dec 14, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
lol no prob! :glomp:
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